Revealing the "hot" technology integrated into the Euro 2024 ball


This year, the official ball for the Euro 2024 season - Adidas Fussballliebe will be integrated with technology that can detect handball and offside.

On June 14, the 2024 European Championship - Euro 2024 was opened. Throughout the month, fans in Europe and around the world will have the opportunity to enjoy fiery matches.

The ball in the Euro 2024 season.

The ball in the Euro 2024 season.

Like every football tournament and match , the ball used for the Euro 2024 season is of interest to fans. This year, the ball is called Adidas' new Fussballliebe - the name is a combination of the German words: "soccer" and "love".

Ignoring aesthetic factors, this ball is integrated with the most advanced technology in football history.

This technology will assist referees in enforcing the rules of the game accurately and fairly.

Vietnamese error status

Offside is always a controversial issue in football. In recent football history, almost every decision on this error has angered fans. This is the reason for the birth of VAR, helping small offside errors to be scrutinized more closely than ever.

Ball Adidas Fussballliebe of Euro 2024.

Adidas Fussballliebe Euro 2024 ball.

The new technology in the Adidas Fussballliebe ball will eliminate these problems. The ball uses a 500hz sensor that is synchronized with cameras in the stadium to create 3D offside graphics. The sensor can accurately detect when the ball is kicked, helping VAR experts determine when the ball is kicked, helping to handle offside errors extremely accurately.

This will also significantly reduce the time needed to make a decision. Previously, the Champions League used a version of this technology and the Premier League will apply a similar system to identify offsides in the 2024/2025 season.

The ball touches the hand

The law on handball has also been mixed in recent years after many amendments. This law has many vague details that make it difficult for both football fans and experts to understand.

The Fussballliebe ball will help alleviate this common confusion. The microchip inside the ball can pinpoint a single touch on the ball, and combined with limb tracking technology, officials could pinpoint handball fouls, at least in theory. . However, this microchip needs to be recharged. Therefore, the only possible problem is that the organizers forget to recharge the ball.

Mr. Zvonimir Boban, former Technical Director and Football Director of UEFA explains:

"The UEFA European Football Championship is considered the pinnacle of national team competition in Europe and we are committed to ensuring every aspect, from venues to equipment, maintains high standards. highest level of quality and performance. As always, we are confident that Adidas's Fussballliebe ball will mark another step forward in our collective effort towards excellence."

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