Apple quietly upgraded the "excellent" security features on the iPad Pro M4


Users are unaware that Apple provides valuable security features for iPad Pro M4.

Apple once again affirms its commitment to protecting user privacy with the new security feature discovered on the M4 iPad Pro. This feature is called Secure Indicator Light (SIL), which works by displaying light indicators on the hardware when the camera or microphone is in use, helping users easily identify and block malicious applications. Unauthorized access to these sensors.

Apple quietly provides security warning feature for iPad Pro M4.

Apple quietly provides security warning feature for iPad Pro M4.

Different from previous security indicators that were software-based, SIL is directly integrated into the hardware, greatly enhancing the ability to protect user privacy. Guilherme Rambo, who discovered this feature, said SIL is enabled through Secure Enclave, a security component built into the M4 chip.

However, Apple has not yet publicly disclosed information about this new feature, causing many people to question the reason behind this silence. Some experts say Apple may be concerned about the security of indicators on other devices, which are still software-based and more vulnerable to attacks.

Although there has been no official announcement, the technology world expects Apple to soon expand the SIL feature to other products such as the iPhone 16 Pro and the Mac M4 series. This is considered an important step forward in protecting user privacy in the context of increasing cyber security threats.

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