Huawei once again made the world unforgettable with its new phone

Huawei is ready to add a new member to the Nova mid-range smartphone line on December 26.

According to Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO Richard Yu, the Nova 12 series will be launched in China on December 26, at 2:30 pm Beijing time. The new smartphone models will focus on delivering a clean design and bold look, while also possessing good specifications at an attractive price.

To boost the promotion of the Nova 12, Huawei has started its advertising campaign with several posters and advertisements. The company has shared an image showing the Huawei Nova 12 with a triple camera setup. The Huawei Nova 12 series will have three variants, including Nova 12, 12 Pro and 12 Ultra.

In terms of specifications, one of the biggest highlights of the product is the standard variant with the Kirin 830 chip, while the Kirin 9000S will be the chip that powers the Nova 12 Pro and 12 Ultra, despite the chip variant This only offers speeds of 2.42 GHz, a small downgrade from the 2.62 GHz speeds achieved by the Kirin 9000S on the Mate 60. However, because the Nova 12 Pro and 12 Ultra are mid-range models, downgrading the speed is reasonable.

The remaining specifications of the Nova 12 series are still a mystery. The company is likely to publish more teasers to increase user interest in the product in the coming days. In addition to the processor, the Nova 12 Ultra will also include 100W fast charging as confirmed in the certification. The product also comes with satellite connectivity and offers a 50 MP main camera with variable aperture f/1.4 - f/4.0 compared to its predecessor.

The three smartphone models in the Nova 12 family will have 4G and 5G models, and run HarmonyOS 4.0 right out of the box. They will also be equipped with BOE's OLED screens and offer a huge battery at 5,000 mAh capacity. It is likely that Huawei will continue to share more detailed information about the product in the coming days.

Although not officially launched yet, Huawei's upcoming high-end mid-range smartphone has already received a huge number of orders.

According to recent information on Huawei Mall, the number of pre-orders for Huawei Nova 11 series has now exceeded 130,000. This product line includes three models: Nova 11, Nova 11 Pro and Nova 11 Ultra, of which the most advanced version Nova 11 Ultra is selling much better than the remaining models. It is known that this is also Huawei's first mobile phone to use the name "Ultra".

In Nova 11 Ultra, Huawei is expected to bring to the product powerful one-way satellite communication features and Kunlun glass. The satellite communication function allows users to connect to the outside world through satellite links in places where there is no network signal. This is a very practical function for users in remote areas without normal network signal coverage.

The Nova 11 Ultra is also known as the “small P60” because it is very similar to the P60 series. Using Kunlun glass will help improve the phone's durability and drop resistance, essentially the same as tempered glass technology from Corning.

For the field of mobile photography, the main camera lens of Huawei Nova 11 will adopt variable aperture technology. This technology can automatically adjust the aperture size according to different lighting conditions.

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