Samsung phones have overcome battery drain concerns with this groundbreaking new feature.

Samsung is adding a new feature to enhance smartphone battery life.

According to SamMobile, Samsung's new feature called "Battery Protection" promises to provide better phone battery life protection for users. Currently the feature is being tested on the One UI 6 build based on Android 14 and has not yet been widely released to users.

This feature gives users options for how their phone will be charged, with the ultimate goal of slowing chemical degradation and enhancing battery life. Because phone batteries can only handle charge-discharge cycles a certain number of times before the internal components degrade. At that time, the battery will lose its ability to store electricity and usage time will also be reduced.

Battery Protection will provide three battery charging options for users in ascending levels, each level has its own limitations, including Basic, Adaptive and Maximum.

In particular, the Basic level will stop charging when the phone reaches 100%, when the battery percentage drops to 95%, the device will continue to be fully charged. Next, Adaptive is the level for those who often plug in the charger overnight.

It will learn the user's habits and stop charging at 80%, and when a pre-calculated time comes, it will continue to charge. until the user wakes up and the phone is fully charged. Finally, the Maximum level will only charge the battery to 80%, which will help reduce the battery's aging process compared to regularly charging it to 100%.

According to SamMobile, the "Battery Protection" feature may appear with the launch of the Galaxy S24 phone line early next year.

The latest report from Korea says that the Samsung Display development team is ready to produce folding screens for Apple.

A new report from South Korea says that Apple supplier Samsung Display has been effective in developing foldable displays.

According to The Elec, Samsung wants to strengthen its ability to anticipate Apple's first folding screen products by integrating the expertise it has acquired in manufacturing Samsung's folding screen devices since 2019. .

According to the report, Samsung Display and LG Display are working on projects for Apple's folding screen products, including screens measuring 20.25 inches. It is still unclear whether the above screen size is related to a specific product or screen manufacturing process.

"Battened Apple" has been researching foldable screen technology for several years now and filed many patents related to this technology. Rumors in September 2020 suggested that Samsung was offering foldable models for future foldable ‌iPhones‌. However, there are no solid signs that Apple is planning to use Samsung's technology.

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