You may be startled by the weight of the first 1 GB hard drive


Today's hard drives have capacities up to 10 TB but weigh much less than they did more than 40 years ago.

The IBM 3380 direct access storage device marked the pinnacle of the 14-inch disk in 1981. Using nine platters, it broke the 1 GB barrier with a total capacity of 1,260 MB and eventually reached 2.52 GB after the two drives are paired together. A paired three-drive version was offered in 1987.

IBM 3380 was launched in 1981.

IBM 3380 was launched in 1981.

The IBM 3380 was revolutionary not only in its storage capacity but also in its impact on the data storage industry. It represented a significant leap in technology, providing businesses with unprecedented storage capabilities needed for the growing data processing demands of the 1980s.

But talking about its weight and price, many people may be overwhelmed. This storage drive cost $50,000 at that time, weighed 29 kg and was stored in the largest cabinet ever used to store discs with dimensions of 1m wide, 1m deep and 2m high. The IBM 3380 provides customers with the ability to store up to 2.52 billion characters of information, four times the amount that previous IBM storage devices were capable of storing. This is the reason why its price is extremely expensive.

The cabinet contains IBM 3380.

The cabinet contains an IBM 3380.

The IBM 3380 comes in many different models with different feature sets depending on customer requirements. When these feature sets are added, the price for each IBM 3380 can range from $97,000 to $142,000, in 1980s dollars. The high cost of this drive is justified by the significant increase Tell about the amount of storage it offers. It plays an important role in industries that require large-scale data storage, such as banking, telecommunications, and scientific research.

By 1991, IBM put 1 GB into the 0063 Corsair hard drive with a size of 3.5 inches and 8 layers of magnetic disk. By 2018, people can buy 16 TB 3.5-inch Seagate hard drives, equivalent to the storage capacity of more than 10,000 IBM 3380 drives.

Today's hard drives are smaller, lighter and have much larger capacity.

Today's hard drives are smaller, lighter and have much larger capacity.

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