Train AI from 4.26 million images using NVIDIA's DGX A100 supercomputer


The AI ​​developer has collaborated with hospitals to build a huge data set of up to 4.26 million photos.

VinBrain Joint Stock Company - a startup developing artificial intelligence (AI) application products for healthcare invested by Vingroup, has just officially entered its 5th year of formation and development with many outstanding achievements. As of 2024, the company has commercial contracts to conquer 5 markets including the United States, India, Myanmar, Australia and Vietnam.

DrAid solution provides effective support for doctors and nurses.

DrAid solution provides effective support for doctors and nurses.

With the orientation of using advanced AI technology for medical applications, over the past 5 years, VinBrain has coordinated with hospitals to build a huge data set of up to 4.26 million images, diverse from countries. Asia, Europe and America to train AI. This is an important foundation, helping VinBrain create quality products and services with international standards.

Specifically, DrAid developed by VinBrain can support paraclinical diagnostic methods, with the ability to process many types of medical images, including X-ray images and computed tomography (CT) images. , magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),... AI models automatically localize and detect up to 95 types of lesions and abnormalities in less than 30 seconds/case with sensitivity and accuracy of more than 90%.

DrAid is developed in three strategic directions: Comprehensive screening group, detecting diseases in the lungs, heart, mediastinum, bones and spine through chest X-rays; Cancer diagnosis and treatment group includes liver cancer and rectal cancer through CT and MRI; and the group addresses diseases of the century such as tuberculosis and congenital anemia (Thalassemia).

Among them, DrAid Tuberculosis is the only software selected by the Global Fund to serve screening for 1 million Vietnamese people in the National Tuberculosis Program in 2024. In addition, VinBrain is also the first unit of Vietnam and Southeast Asia received FDA certification (USA) for DrAid upright chest X-ray, which helps detect pneumothorax.

Mr. Truong Quoc Hung - founder and CEO of VinBrain shared: "From these results, compared to companies in the same industry in countries such as Korea, India or Israel, VinBrain has proven its superiority with speed. grow at least 3-5 times faster.

Currently, VinBrain and the DrAid platform are being deployed in 182 hospitals globally. Among them, in Vietnam are frontline hospitals such as: Central Military Hospital 108, Hue Central Hospital, Central Lung Hospital, Hai Phong Lung Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital, … serving more than 2,000 physicians and over 2 million patients.

At the same time, following the model of building international standard AI for healthcare with hardware using NVIDIA's DGX A100 supercomputer, in November 2023, the company launched the platform in Chicago (USA). AI for medical data management DrAid Medical Data Management (Enterprise Data Solution). This is software for storing, analyzing, searching and managing medical data, based on big data, generative AI technology and computer vision (Computer Vision).

VinBrain's platform uses AI to store, connect, screen and standardize medical data warehouses from different operating systems such as HIS, RIS, PACS,... Data Lake Infrastructure (Data lake) in DrAid helps connect data at multiple levels, between departments or centers in the same medical unit as well as between medical units. The data lake also has the ability to connect between upstream and downstream facilities. As a result, patients will receive seamless medical care.

Up to now, DrAid is the product that owns the most extensive AI models in Vietnam, not only supporting disease diagnosis through many types of leading popular medical images but also serving overall data management. Patient's medical data - including past, present and forecast future trends. Some features such as smart medical record analysis and voice-to-text conversion are impressive, helping doctors quickly create medical reports in just 40 - 60 seconds instead of 4 - 5 minutes like before.

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