Discover the Latest iPhone 15 Technology Now Available on iPhone 13 and 14!

iPhone 13 and 14 have received Qi2 wireless charging capabilities thanks to the iOS 17.2 update. But do people know about this standard?

Qi wireless charging (pronounced “chee”) has been around since 2009, developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) as a popular charging solution for OEMs and third-party accessory manufacturers. Over the years, both Android and iOS devices have benefited from the Qi standard.

However, since Apple released MagSafe charging with a magnetic ring that helps align the iPhone thanks to the charging coil and higher 15W charging speeds, regular Qi-certified chargers seem a bit outdated. Meanwhile, Android phones have gone ahead with faster proprietary charging techniques, such as those developed by OnePlus and Google.

To bridge the gap between manufacturers and establish an innovative and efficient wireless charging standard, WPC announced Qi2 (pronounced “chee two”) in November 2023, promising “faster charging , more efficient and more convenient.”

Qi2 includes a new magnetic power configuration based on Apple's MagSafe protocol. This will help users position their smartphone in as straight a position as possible, ensuring effective wireless transmission, which is a big problem with non-magnetic Qi-based chargers.

It is known that Qi2 will provide wireless charging up to 15W, double the 7.5W on Qi. However, it is important to mention that some handsets may not support the maximum charging speed. Ultimately, it depends on the manufacturer's preferences, the hardware they want to use, and the overall design of the phone.

With Qi2, wireless charging will be faster and easier for Android phones, although no company has yet promised or introduced this feature. For iPhone, Qi2 will offer MagSafe-style charging for certified third-party products from companies like Anker, Belkin and other well-known brands that cost less than MagSafe charging.

Currently, three iPhone series support the Qi2 standard including the iPhone 13 (except the mini variant), 14 and 15. In fact, the changelog of iOS 17.2 RC version has confirmed the Qi2 charging feature coming to the models. Older iPhones. If you own any iPhone from these lines (or buy a compatible Android phone), it will be able to support up to 15W charging via a Qi2 certified charger.

At the moment, a statement from WPC shows that six brands, including Belkin and Anker, will launch Qi2-enabled wireless chargers this month. Separately, Anker said its MagGo charger will provide 15W charging for Qi2-enabled iPhones.

As for Android phones, we can expect companies like Samsung and Google to deploy this technology in 2024 with the Galaxy S24 and Pixel 9 series. Current Android smartphones support Qi wireless charging but lack the design Strong magnetism to lock the charger and phone in alignment.

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