In 2024, Samsung is still "stubborn" to do these 3 strange things


Samsung products all have impressive, modern designs, stable performance, and high durability. However, these are the factors that make Samsung lose big points in the hearts of users.

Samsung phone models often have diverse designs and many styles. Compared to other "competitors" such as iPhone, the design of the Korean "giant" is somewhat more modern and attractive. Moreover, in terms of price, durability and performance, Samsung products are not inferior.

However, the company's stubbornness has caused Samsung phones to gradually dominate the market.

1. Small screen 

The Galaxy Z Fold 5's outer folding screen is too small. This screen is smaller than any other popular smartphone screen on the market today. This has caused many inconveniences for Galaxy Z Fold 5 users. For example, when texting or typing, the small screen can make users uncomfortable when they accidentally type the wrong characters and cause inevitable typing errors due to the narrow display space.



Samsung fans are eager to see this issue resolved with the launch of the Galaxy Z Fold 6. However, according to the latest rumors, the Galaxy Z Fold 6's screen has only been increased by about 2.5 mm in width. This is a new step forward for Samsung but still cannot satisfy users' needs.

Like its predecessors, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 cannot be considered a phone that can replace a tablet. If the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is considered a phone, the outer folding screen is too small.

Not to mention, the internal screen of this phone is not much larger than the screens of regular smartphones . The screen of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 can only display in a 2:3 square aspect ratio, so when displaying content with a different ratio, the screen will have a fairly thick black border around it.

2. Poor sound quality 

Any iPhone, including the discontinued iPhone mini with its single speaker, will outperform the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy S24 Ultra in audio quality. Whether you’re listening to music, playing games, or watching videos, sound is a very important factor in the user experience.



Meanwhile, Samsung has consistently disappointed in this area. From the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the sound has been uncomfortably low. Or like on the Galaxy Z Fold 5, the bass and sound quality are much worse than the previous generation.

Moreover, hearing is one of the most important senses, greatly affecting the user experience, comparable to vision and touch. Samsung has done a great job of satisfying users' vision and touch. Therefore, the company can completely improve the sound quality of its smartphones.

3. Slow development of AR/VR glasses

While Apple has developed its Vision Pro virtual reality headset, Samsung has only had its Gear VR headset in production for years. The Gear VR can be considered a failed experiment, designed to capitalize on the 2014 Google Cardboard trend.

In fact, Gear VR can be considered an experience worth trying for a short time, not a real VR headset. This headset only acts as a virtual reality screen for the phone.



However, we are entering the era of spatial computing, where a virtual reality headset can do everything. These headsets can change the world as they become smaller, lighter, and cheaper.

A year ago, there were rumors that Samsung was developing new AR/VR glasses. However, when Apple's virtual reality glasses were launched with a high price and created a big buzz in the market, Samsung remained silent.

Users are certainly looking forward to Samsung developing new AR/VR glasses. Now, Meta has made its popular Quest AR/VR operating system open source and available for any company, including Samsung, to collaborate and develop.

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