Apple offers advice to help combat the recent surge in SMS scams


Apple has updated its security guidelines to help warn users about SMS text message scams.

Amid a surge in "smishing" attacks targeting Apple IDs , Apple has updated its security support document, providing helpful tips to help iPhone, iPad, and Mac users recognize and avoid online scams.

According to recent reports, bad guys are sending fake SMS messages from Apple, asking users to provide their Apple ID login name and password on a fake iCloud website. Apple stressed that it would never ask for such sensitive personal information via text or phone call.

Apple officially updates instructions to help users avoid SMS scams.

Apple officially updates instructions to help users avoid SMS scams.

Apple’s new guidelines provide important information that users need to know to protect themselves. Specifically, Apple recommends that users ignore messages with suspicious links, not share personal information or security codes, and contact Apple directly if they receive suspicious requests.

In addition, Apple also gives some other advice such as:

- Do not use Apple gift cards to pay others.

- Only download software from trusted sources.

- Do not follow links or open attachments in suspicious messages.

- Beware of scammers' tactics to create a sense of urgency.

Apple also provides detailed guidance on how to recognize different types of scams and how to report suspicious emails, texts, and calls. Users can find more information on Apple's support website.

By updating and providing these security guidelines, Apple hopes to help users be more vigilant and protect themselves against increasingly sophisticated online threats.

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