Vivo joins hands with UEFA, revealing the official smartphone representative for Euro 2024


vivo V30 Pro becomes the official smartphone of Euro 2024.

Vivo continues to affirm its position in world football by becoming the official partner of the Euro 2024 tournament, with the V30 Pro phone model chosen as the official smartphone of the tournament.

This is not the first time vivo has accompanied major football tournaments. Previously, the company was a partner of World Cup 2018, World Cup 2022 and Euro 2020.

Vivo V30 Pro was chosen as the official smartphone of Euro 2024.

Vivo V30 Pro was chosen as the official smartphone of Euro 2024.

With outstanding photography capabilities thanks to the ZEISS branded camera, vivo V30 Pro promises to help fans capture memorable moments throughout the tournament.

According to Yongduan Zhou, General Manager of vivo's Overseas Products Department, the V30 Pro's photography capabilities will provide more opportunities to capture the beauty of sports at matches in Germany.

Besides promoting products at the stadium and surrounding area, vivo is also the only smartphone company to have activities in dedicated fan areas. Interestingly, in addition to the V30 Pro, vivo has also introduced the X100 series in Europe, although currently only available in some markets.

With this partnership, vivo not only affirms its position in the field of technology but also demonstrates a strong connection with the football-loving community around the world.

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