Realme develops fast charging technology that surprises iPhone 15 Pro Max users

Realme is making another leap in fast charging technology, which could surprise iPhone 15 Pro Max users.

In a recent interview with YouTuber TheTechChap, Realme Global Chief Marketing Officer Francis Wong revealed that the company is currently testing 300W charging technology - 15 times higher than the 20W fast charging technology on the iPhone. 15 Pro Max (although the actual number may be slightly higher).

Realme will soon bring 300W fast charging to smartphones?

Realme will soon bring 300W fast charging to smartphones?

This is Realme's next effort to assert its position in charging technology. In 2021, the company introduced 65W DartCharge technology with the GT Master Edition phone to refill the 4300 mAh battery in 33 minutes. Next year, in 2022, Realme releases GT Neo 3 with 150W fast charging capability for the 4500 mAh battery, allowing charging from 0-50% in just 5 minutes.

Then, the 2023 flagship Realme GT Neo 5 launched with an even higher 240W charging speed, allowing users to fully charge their phone in less than 10 minutes. Now the next version set at 300W is even faster.

Note that Xiaomi's sub-brand Redmi is currently the only brand demonstrating 300W fast charging technology for smartphones. Their demo showed impressive results, where the phone reached 50% charge in less than 3 minutes and fully charged in just under 5 minutes.

Redmi previously demonstrated its own 300W fast charging technology.

Redmi previously demonstrated its own 300W fast charging technology.

Detailed information about Realme's 300W fast charging technology is currently very scarce. The interview with Wong doesn't go into specifics like charging times or any limitations. It's also unclear when or if this technology will appear on commercially released smartphones.

While faster charging offers undeniable convenience, especially for users on the go, it also has its drawbacks. High charging speeds can cause the phone to overheat, directly affecting the health and life of the battery. 

Additionally, the company needs to ensure it has the right infrastructure to support such high-power charging, such as a larger and more efficient vapor chamber cooling system, which could increase electricity costs. phone. It will be interesting to see if Realme can overcome these challenges and bring 300W fast charging to the market. It will help users almost eliminate battery charging waiting time.

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