Potential dangers of AI abuse


The widespread and careless use of AI tools will cause the environment to become virtualized, limiting creativity and greatly affecting the community.

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools bring many benefits in all fields, helping to automate production processes, analyze data quickly... However, Mr. Nguyen Linh, a technology expert, commented that Many users trust this tool more and more to write content, create images... causing news to gradually become virtualized, real and fake mixed up.

Employees are becoming less and less interactive

According to Mr. Linh, the advancement of AI is making it more difficult to use AI tools such as ChatGPT, Deepfake (edit images, sounds, videos as desired) or Face Swap (swap faces) of relatives and friends. friends or colleagues as a trend for entertainment or to catch a "trend" rather than for work or study. "A few months ago, a person used the ChatGPT application to summarize a love story of more than 80 pages by a famous domestic author. Then, this person used ChatGPT's information to post on Facebook but did not check again. Many readers online discovered that the content was 80%-90% wrong" - Mr. Linh said.

Ms. Hong Minh, manager of the marketing department of an advertising company in District 1 (HCMC), said that the majority of employees at all stages, from sales, administration, accounting... of the business learn how to use using AI but they do not determine when they should and should not use AI to handle work. This will lead to a situation where employees rely on AI data to analyze and synthesize online to make reports, but in many cases do not double-check the information, causing the data to be inaccurate, affecting the outreach strategy. customers, improving operating processes. "AI also causes the problem that employees tend to depend on AI and gradually become less interactive in internal meetings because they are not closely informed about market information. I discovered up to 60%-70% The information in many employee periodic reports is written by AI. Therefore, I have petitioned my superiors, requesting that departments have regulations on the use of AI and need expert guidance on how to do so. Apply effectively, do not let this situation continue and increase in the future because this is extremely dangerous if leaders do not detect it" - Ms. Minh said.

Reuters' recent annual Digital News Report shows growing global concern about the use of AI in news production. Based on a survey of nearly 100,000 people in 47 countries around the world, the level of concern about online false news content has increased by 3 percentage points compared to last year, with 59% of survey participants saying they are worried about this problem.

Users use AI to create fake stories to share on social networks, making the news no longer authentic

Users use AI to create fake stories to share on social networks, making the news no longer authentic

Need clear direction

Mr. Dang Pham Thien Duy, senior lecturer at RMIT Vietnam University, assessed that in addition to users using AI orientedly to serve their work, trend-based use is also quite common. For example, many people use AI to create content posted online and create sources for fake and inaccurate news.

"If users innocently give data for AI to answer, it will create an unauthenticated data source. In the future, AI will use that same information to provide users, making it difficult for them to Not to mention, when people use AI, the environment will be virtualized, limiting creativity and greatly affecting the community... Before using AI, users need to read Carefully read the instructions for use and the purpose of using AI to avoid accidentally affecting others" - Mr. Duy recommended.

Mr. Tran Vu Nguyen, President of AI Education, said that users are currently very subjective towards AI. As long as they see a good or fun AI, they will immediately experience it, but do not know that sharing AI information can cause loss of knowledge. many important personal data. Currently, the world has about 800 laws related to AI, and even the World Economic Forum has issued regulations for applying AI in teaching and training. "Last time, a parent shared that their child was only in 4th grade but already knew how to use ChatGPT. This is very worrying because for young children to have enough critical thinking and the ability to evaluate AI results like "AI is just a tool so you cannot trust it completely and should not be abused" - Mr. Nguyen noted.

Sharing at the recent seminar "Application of AI in communications", Mr. Dang Hai Loc, CEO and chief technology officer of AIV Group, said that the results given by AI so far cannot be 100% accurate. %. Meanwhile, AI is being popularized in all applications, which will cause fake news, bad news or false information... to spread online in the near future, making it difficult to control. To limit, when posting information, users need to cite sources created by AI such as ChatGPT, Gemini...

"In the world, to control information created by AI, start-ups are researching creating AI to verify AI information such as checking whether students' homework is using ChatGPT or not? To do the job "This start-up will use proven databases and clean data to control information created by other AIs. Besides, they also plan to build an internet network without AI" - he Loc shared. 

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