New technology helps fully charge the battery in just 1 minute


An advanced technique discovered by the University of Colorado can allow a phone to charge up to 100% in just 1 minute.

The new technique is based on the movement of ions through supercapacitors. An ion is an atom with a positive charge, and supercapacitors are used to store energy during short-duration, high-current charge and discharge cycles.

Increasing smartphone battery charging speed is always something researchers think about.

Increasing smartphone battery charging speed is always something researchers think about.

In a press release, researcher Ankur Gupta from the University of Colorado (USA) discovered that by making ions move more efficiently, the process of charging and releasing energy will be faster, allowing The cell inside the phone goes from 0% to 100% in a minute or even less.

Gupta notes that although some of these techniques have been used to study flow in porous materials such as oil reservoirs and water filtration, they have not been fully studied for energy storage systems. . “Given the important role energy plays in the planet's future, I felt inspired to apply my chemical engineering knowledge to the advancement of energy storage devices. It seemed like this topic was not fully explored and hence, this was the perfect opportunity,” Gupta added.

The main appeal of supercapacitors lies in their speed. So how can we make them charge and release energy faster?

With only 1 minute to fully charge the battery, this research looks very promising.

With only 1 minute to fully charge the battery, this research looks very promising.

According to Gupta, that comes down to the more efficient movement of ions. One of the researchers' biggest discoveries is that ions move differently than electrons at the intersection of nano-sized holes. The study also found that the movement of ions differs from what would be expected according to Kirchhoff's law - a law that has been used to determine current in electrical circuits since 1845.

Through this research, ion movement in a complex network of thousands of interconnected pores can be simulated and predicted in just a few minutes. That is a leap forward in the Gupta group's research, solving the missing link.

The problem is that it's unclear how long it will take for this research from the lab to become technology that can be found in phones. But the idea of ​​being able to charge your phone instantly will help push research forward.

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