MacBooks boast extremely humorous "buffalo" battery life


Apple's humorous promotional videos highlight the MacBook's impressive power and battery life.

Apple MacBook promotional video .

Recently, Apple shared 3 funny promotional videos about MacBook computers. In particular, the promotional video called "Charged" focuses on the extremely long battery life of the laptop. In the video, the student affirmed that the Mac's battery can last all day.

Illustration photo.

Illustration photo.

Along with that, the MacBook also bragged about its processing power and Find My feature in the following two short videos. Therefore, they can serve both students and working people well.

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MacBook promotional video.

All three videos are accompanied by music, bringing a sense of drama and humor, so they attract interaction on social networking platforms. The promotional videos are also quite short, only 38 seconds long, so they can be displayed on TikTok, Instagram and other social networks.

Currently, Apple's MacBook line in the domestic market is still loved by fans. In particular, the new generation MacBook Pro using the M3 chip is also being discounted, from only 38.49 million VND.

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