Mac computers will have touch screens in the future


Although it is not a top priority, Apple will likely equip the Mac with a touch screen.

According to reputable Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, Apple is planning to bring touch screens to Mac computers in the next few years. However, Apple still prioritizes creating differences between product lines, especially between iPad and Mac, rather than following market trends.

Future MacBooks may have a touch screen.

Future MacBooks may have a touch screen.

Although iPad sales are showing signs of slowing down, Apple still wants to maintain the position of this tablet line in the long term. Equipping the Mac with a touch screen could overshadow the iPad, similar to the case of the previously discontinued iPod Touch.

However, if touchscreens do indeed appear on Macs, Apple will face many challenges, from adapting the macOS interface to ensuring a smooth user experience when switching between features. input mode.

According to Gurman, Apple may only equip the Mac with a touch screen when it feels that the iPad no longer contributes significantly to the company's revenue. This means users may have to wait a little longer to experience this feature on Mac.

In the meantime, Apple will focus on upgrading other technologies for the Mac, such as OLED screens. This is also an important step to differentiate Mac from its competitors.

Although there is no official information from Apple, rumors about touch screens on Mac have caused a stir in the user community. Can Apple create a groundbreaking product that perfectly combines the traditional computer experience with the convenience of a touch screen? Let's wait and see the next steps of the Cupertino giant.

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