IntelliPhone paves the way for a new era for smartphones


More than 17 years after Apple helped completely change the smartphone industry, the world is about to witness the same thing with a new device era being formed.

According to Fortune, Bank of America senior equity analyst Wamsi Mohan called these new devices IntelliPhones - devices that are completely different from today's smartphones. Mohan envisions a future where these powerful phones will use AI to drive quality-of-life features like real-time language translation for appointments and travel scheduling, even tutoring for users.

IntelliPhone will help Apple make money.

IntelliPhone will help Apple make money.

In his note, Mohan said the introduction of AI smartphones (IntelliPhone) was a once-in-a-decade upgrade event, which resulted in an “upgrade cycle equivalent to years of functional improvements ”. When IntelliPhone appears, regular smartphones will not be able to compete and consumers will continue the wave of device upgrades similar to what happened when the iPhone was first released in June 2007.

Apple has a base of 2.2 billion active iPhone users, and many of them may be convinced to upgrade once they see what AI-powered iPhone models can do. Showing consumers what the first iPhone could do for them was the theme of Apple's first iPhone ads and convinced the public of the need for touchscreen phones. Based on what has happened in the past, Mohan sees Apple benefiting from a multi-year iPhone upgrade cycle as the IntelliPhone era begins.

All of Apple's AI plans will be revealed at the upcoming WWDC 2024.

All of Apple's AI plans will be revealed at the upcoming WWDC 2024.

The Bank of America analyst says that IntelliPhone will bring new AR and VR capabilities to smartphones along with health-related features that make these phones "must-haves" in the public's mind. “As AI technology develops, the gap between the IntelliPhone and traditional smartphones may increasingly widen by offering more complex and personalized functions, fueling the desire to upgrade,” Mohan wrote. According to Mohan, IntelliPhone will dominate over AI PC “thanks to their portability, features and cost”.

Besides, the App Store will bring more AI apps where iPhone users can download AI-based apps for their handsets, which will give the company “another layer of monetization.” new".

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