Apple "reveals" the release date of iOS 18 beta 2


The next beta version of iOS 18 will add two new features for iPhone users.

According to an announcement from Apple , the iOS 18 beta 2 version will be released on June 24, bringing two notable new features: "iPhone Mirroring" and "SharePlay screen sharing".

iPhone Mirroring allows users to mirror the iPhone screen to the Mac, display notifications and allow data to be dragged and dropped between the two devices. Meanwhile, SharePlay screen sharing is enhanced with the ability to draw on someone else's screen or control their screen remotely.

Apple is about to release iOS 18 beta 2.

Apple is about to release iOS 18 beta 2.

This update will also fix some bugs that existed in iOS 18 beta 1. However, the Apple Intelligence features that were demonstrated at WWDC 2024 have not yet appeared in this beta.

Besides iOS 18 beta 2, Apple is also expected to release second betas for iPadOS 18, macOS Sequoia, tvOS 18, visionOS 2, and watchOS 11 on the same day. Public betas will roll out in July, while Apple Intelligence features are expected to arrive in betas this summer.

Users enrolled in Apple's developer program can install iOS 18 developer beta 2 through Settings > General > Software Update (Settings > General > Software Update). However, regular users should wait for the official stable version of iOS 18 which is expected to launch in September.

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