Apple overhauled an important component in iOS 18 after 7 years of waiting


Apple will "replace" the control center of iOS 18 after 7 years of operation.

According to sources from Bloomberg, iOS 18 will bring a revolution to the Control Center on Apple devices . This is considered the biggest update of this component since the significant interface change in 2017 with iOS 11.

The highlight of the new control center is the ability to customize the layout and support multiple page displays. Users can rearrange or remove controls to their liking through the Settings app, providing a more personalized experience.

The familiar interface of the control center on the iPhone is about to be "transformed".

The familiar interface of the control center on the iPhone is about to be "transformed".

In addition, the music widget has also been upgraded, taking up the entire width of the Control Center and displaying more information such as album art. This promises to bring a more intuitive and engaging music experience.

These changes mark a major step forward in improving the user experience on Apple devices. Users will have more control over device settings and the interface for managing functions will also become more user-friendly and efficient.

Apple is expected to officially introduce iOS 18 at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 10. The first beta version will be released to members of the Apple Developer Program soon after. The official update is expected to launch in September, along with the launch of the iPhone 16 series.

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