Urgently update Xiaomi phones because of vulnerabilities in 12 applications


Many security vulnerabilities have been discovered in Android applications and system components on Xiaomi phones.

Mobile security company Oversecured has just discovered serious vulnerabilities on Xiaomi phones, allowing criminals to access arbitrary activities and services with system privileges, steal files and perform many other actions. other dangerous behavior.

Xiaomi phones have serious vulnerabilities in 12 system applications.

Xiaomi phones have serious vulnerabilities in 12 system applications.

According to Oversecured's report, 12 Android applications on Xiaomi phones are affected by vulnerabilities including:

- Gallery (com.miui.gallery)

- GetApps (com.xiaomi.mipicks)

- My Video (com.miui.videoplayer)

- MIUI Bluetooth (com.xiaomi.bluetooth)

- Phone Services (com.android.phone)

- Print Spooler (com.android.printspooler)

- Security (com.miui.securitycenter)

- Security Core Component (com.miui.securitycore)

- Settings (com.android.settings)

- ShareMe (com.xiaomi.midrop)

- System Tracing (com.android.traceur)

- Xiaomi Cloud (com.miui.cloudservice)

What is worrying is that these vulnerabilities not only appear on applications developed by Xiaomi, but also affect core Android components such as Phone Services, Print Spooler, Settings and System Tracing. These components have been modified by Xiaomi to add features, leading to security flaws, allowing thieves to steal arbitrary files as well as leak information about Bluetooth devices and connected Wi-Fi networks. emergency contacts and connections.

Additionally, researchers also discovered a memory corruption vulnerability in the GetApps application, originating from an Android library called LiveEventBus. This bug was reported to the project over a year ago but has not yet been patched.

Oversecured notified Xiaomi about these issues on April 25. Xiaomi phone users should update to the latest version to minimize the risk of being attacked.

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