Ultrasonic fingerprint sensors are coming to every mid-range Android phone


Goodix is ​​ambitious to popularize ultrasonic fingerprint sensor technology on mid-range smartphones.

The world's leading fingerprint sensor supplier Goodix has just launched its first ultrasonic fingerprint solution on the Vivo X100 Ultra phone. This is considered an important step forward in bringing advanced ultrasonic fingerprint sensor technology to more users.

Previously, ultrasonic fingerprint sensors were often only equipped on high-end phones due to high production costs. So far, the only company that produces ultrasonic fingerprint sensors on a large scale is Qualcomm. However, Goodix is ​​working to change this by improving production processes, optimizing the supply chain and reducing product costs.

Ultrasonic fingerprint sensors will be more popular in the future.

Ultrasonic fingerprint sensors will be more popular in the future.

Goodix's ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is highly rated for its accuracy and ability to operate in a variety of conditions, including when fingers are wet or dirty. Besides, the simple hardware design and low voltage control system help manufacturers easily integrate this sensor into their products.

By cooperating with Vivo, Goodix hopes to promote the application of ultrasonic fingerprint sensor technology globally, providing a safer and more convenient unlocking experience for smartphone users.

This is a good sign for the smartphone market, as this advanced technology may soon become more popular on mid-range phones, helping users access high-end features at affordable prices. than.

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