Top 3 refrigerators with the "huge" capacity today


In addition to the "huge" capacity, all are equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity for control via phone.

Capacity is one of the important parameters when choosing a refrigerator. For example, families tend to store clean food - from meat, fish to vegetables, etc. to bring from the countryside to the city for later use, so the refrigerator capacity must be really large. In addition, the large capacity also helps users not have to try to cram food in like small capacity refrigerators, which makes it difficult for cold air to circulate, and even puts food on top of each other, easily causing spoilage.

Below are the top 3 refrigerators with the "huge" capacity today:

Top 3 refrigerators with the "huge" capacity today - 1

Aqua ViewFresh is a 4-door refrigerator with a total capacity of 660 liters. The unique point comes from the combination of natural stone grain and high-quality mirror surface - a specialized material used in interior design. In addition, the Color AI touch screen design will help users adjust the temperature intuitively from outside, even in dark environments. In particular, ViewFresh refrigerators can connect to Wi-Fi so users can manage food, control modes and adjust temperature remotely through the application on smartphones.

ViewFresh refrigerators possess features that help preserve the flavor and freshness of food. Accordingly, the product is equipped with Fresher Shield food freezing technology - an exclusive technology of Aqua, which helps reduce temperature fluctuations by 40%, avoiding temperature shock for food. Fresher Shield also helps limit dehydration when the defrosting process occurs automatically; There is no condensation on food, and food in cold storage is stored under optimal conditions, extending storage time.

Meanwhile in the cooler, the appearance of the HCS filter in the vegetable compartment helps balance the humidity at a stable level of 90% - the optimal humidity to keep vegetables fresh and succulent. In addition, the product also possesses a multi-dimensional cooling feature, helping all food in the refrigerator to be "enveloped" and protected evenly. Thanks to that, direct exposure to air is avoided - the main cause of dehydration and withering of food.

This Aqua refrigerator also solves the problem of deodorization and disinfection thanks to ABT Pro. Specifically, when the cooling system operates, the ABT Pro module catalyzes the air and creates negative oxygen ion particles that decompose bacteria and odor molecules, ensuring a fresh and healthy food preservation environment. safe. Finally, Twin Inverter technology uses inverters on both the compressor and radiator fan, helping the machine operate quieter, save electricity and be environmentally friendly, with an index of 554kWh/year (much more energy efficient than with other products of equivalent capacity).

Top 3 refrigerators with the "huge" capacity today - 4

LG InstaView has model GR-V257BL with a "side by side" design. This refrigerator has a capacity of 655 liters, suitable for preserving food for households with many members, even meeting the needs of storing food and drinks for business purposes.

The refrigerator has a multi-shelf freezer design with compartments distributed from top to bottom in the refrigerator body and also on the inside of the cabinet door. In the cooler, the trays, compartments and storage compartments in the refrigerator are also designed similarly to the freezer with a wider width, giving users ample space to classify and arrange food in accordance with their habits. family acquaintance.

Another useful design is that by simply tapping the door surface twice, the user can see through the glass door, clearly seeing each item placed inside with a fairly large transparent glass surface. Because there is no need to open the refrigerator door like other conventional refrigerator models, it will more or less help reduce cold air loss.

This LG refrigerator model is equipped with a 5-layer Hygiene Fresh+ filter to help remove odors and kill bacteria. Along with that, the Fresh Balancer 2-mode moisture-balancing vegetable compartment is designed with a lattice mesh to retain moisture from vegetables and fruits in the lattice cells, avoiding moisture loss of vegetables.

Top 3 refrigerators with the "huge" capacity today - 5

Samsung RF59C766FB1/SV is a 4-door refrigerator model with a total capacity of 648 liters. This refrigerator has a combination of SmartThings AI, All-around Cooling dome cooling technology and Power Cool mode to help cool drinks quickly. Besides, the refrigerator also has antibacterial and deodorizing capabilities thanks to the activated carbon filter.

The unique feature of the product is the ability to make ice automatically. Accordingly, users only need to add water to the separate compartment, and in no time, they will have cool ice cubes to quench their thirst on hot days. Besides, if the door is opened for too long, the refrigerator will emit a warning sound, limiting power waste.

Regarding cooling technology, All-around Cooling will help cold air spread evenly throughout the refrigerator in an arc shape, thereby maintaining stable temperature and humidity, keeping food fresh longer. Power Cool cooling mode will blow powerful cold air streams to quickly cool food and drinks in the refrigerator. Power Freeze mode helps freeze food and make ice quickly because cold air is blown directly into the freezer.

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