The "draw circle" feature on Android can help students understand math better


Google will help students solve math exercises using AI with the "Circle to Search" feature on Android.

Google has just upgraded the "draw circle to search" feature on Android , providing the ability to support students in solving math problems through artificial intelligence (AI). This is an important step forward in applying AI to education, helping students learn more effectively and resolving some concerns about cheating in learning.

With Circle to Search, students just need to circle the math problem verbally on the Android phone screen and this feature will automatically analyze and provide detailed solution instructions. Thanks to that, students can clearly understand how to solve problems, practice logical thinking and improve their math learning ability.

The Circle to Search method guides students in solving math problems.

Google emphasizes that Circle to Search does not directly solve math problems, but only helps students approach and solve problems effectively. This helps students be proactive in learning, avoiding complete dependence on AI.

This new feature is powered by LearnLM, Google 's new AI model fine-tuned for learning. LearnLM is capable of understanding natural language and analyzing complex math problems, helping Circle to Search provide accurate and detailed problem-solving instructions.

Circle to Search's math solving ability is expected to be widely deployed on Android devices in the near future.

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