New generation Hyundai Palisade caught in camouflage


According to Short Car, a picture of the new generation Hyundai Palisade is parked in the basement and camouflaged.

According to the photo of the car's suspension system, this large SUV carries the internal code "LX3", the current generation is "LX2". This information has been confirmed by The Korean Car Blog, causing a stir among car enthusiasts. The all-new second generation Hyundai Palisade is expected to switch to using a new chassis structure with a longer wheelbase.

And although it is hidden quite well, we can predict that the new model will have a new sharp and angular design, especially inheriting some square angular highlights similar to the new generation Hyundai Santa Fe. "caused a storm" recently.

The front of the new generation Hyundai Palisade may have a straighter cross-section than the current generation. The headlight cluster has a special design combined with LED daytime running lights. The front still has a large grille but with a new shape.

In particular, the design of the A-pillar, hood and window shape is quite similar to the 2025 Hyundai Santa Fe through perpendicular and sharp intersections. The wheel arches on the test model still use a circular design, but it is possible that the new generation Palisade will have square wheel arches similar to the new SantaFe.

The new generation Hyundai Palisade will switch to a new chassis platform with a larger wheelbase than the current version. This not only allows Hyundai to improve interior space, but also easily adapt to hybrid engines, 2.5L Hybrid capacity or V6 gasoline engines, 3.5L capacity.

Hyundai's vice president of product planning, Ms. Olabisi Boyle, mentioned the new generation Hyundai Palisade by the end of 2023. Accordingly, the next model will be significantly different from the current generation. In addition, the all-new Palisade model will bring the same impressions that Hyundai Santa Fe did in the past.

The first generation Hyundai Palisade was launched globally in 2018 and went on sale at the beginning of 2019. And in 2022, Hyundai's three-row car model was upgraded with a facelift. With the leaked test images, it is likely that the second generation Hyundai Palisade will launch in 2025.

The new generation of Hyundai Palisade promises to have significant changes in design and technology. This large SUV has a square design quite similar to the new Santa Fe. The new generation Hyundai Palisade, expected to launch in 2026, has been spotted testing on the streets, thanks to ShortsCar's keen eye.

In Vietnam, Hyundai Palisade was launched in September 2023 and immediately caused a stir with extremely competitive prices compared to two direct competitors, Ford Explorer and Volkswagen Teramont. Hyundai's E-size SUV is assembled domestically at Hyundai Ninh Binh factory, with 2 versions (Exclusive and Prestige) and 2 seating options (6 seats and 7 seats). Hyundai Palisade's selling price ranges from 1,469 - 1,589 billion VND with 7 color options (White, Black, Red, Emerald Green, Midnight Blue, Blue, Metallic Gray).

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