Microsoft officially announced Copilot+ for AI computing


A computer product dedicated to artificial intelligence was launched by Microsoft.

Microsoft has just officially launched Copilot+PC, a PC line integrated with advanced artificial intelligence (AI), marking a new step forward in the computer technology industry.

Copilot+PC are laptops equipped with Qualcomm's powerful Snapdragon X Elite chip, providing outstanding performance and intelligent information processing capabilities. The highlight of this computer line is the ability to remember and retrieve information quickly, helping users optimize work efficiency.

Microsoft's first AI computers.

Microsoft's first AI computers.

Outstanding features of Copilot+PC:

- Recall: "Superhuman" memory feature, allowing users to quickly retrieve all information that has ever been manipulated on the computer, including emails, websites, documents, etc.

- Live captions: Supports live captions for videos on Windows 11, helping people with hearing loss easily access content.

- AI improvements for Image Creator: Enhance photo editing and content creation capabilities with artificial intelligence.

- Arm versions of popular applications: Adobe Photoshop, DaVinci Resolve Studio,... optimized for the Arm platform, providing a smooth and efficient experience.

It's worth noting that Microsoft says Qualcomm's NPUs deliver 40-45 TOPS of performance, about 4 times more than the NPUs in Intel's Meteor Lake and more than the 16 TOPS offered by AMD's Ryzen AI.

Microsoft says this new generation of AI-powered PCs will be able to do things that previous computers couldn't do. According to the company, the key is not just the NPU but the combination of features running on large language models in the cloud and small ones on the device.

The launch of Copilot+PC marks a new step in the computer technology industry, opening up great potential for applying artificial intelligence to mobile devices. With powerful performance, smart features and modern design, Copilot+PC promises to be the optimal choice for users who love technology and want to optimize work efficiency.

Copilot+PC will be provided by reputable manufacturers such as Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung and Microsoft Surface. Prices start at 999 USD and will be available on June 18.

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