Love taking photos, should iPhone 12 users buy a new camera or upgrade to iPhone 15?


Taking photos is one of the things iPhone users use the most today to record every detail in their lives.

However, there is always a gap between what can be captured with cameras on older smartphones, leading many people to question whether to upgrade to a new iPhone for photography tasks or not?

Traditional cameras are becoming increasingly "outdated" before smartphones.

Traditional cameras are becoming increasingly "outdated" before smartphones.

Recently, a user on Apple's forums asked a question about using the iPhone 12 . This product has problems with power loss, overheating, and battery status is only 79%. After researching the iPhone 15 Plus, this person wanted to buy an iPhone 15 Plus because he was planning to travel. The question is whether instead of buying a new iPhone 15 Plus, he can replace the iPhone 12's battery and buy a new camera.

This is obviously an interesting question, especially as the summer travel season approaches. Therefore, the issue immediately attracted a lot of feedback from the online community. Some say: “If you want to play with a camera, buy a camera. If you just want to take better photos than the iPhone 12, then switch to the iPhone 15 series. If you switch to an Android phone just to take photos, I recommend the Galaxy S24 Ultra. If you like taking photos with iPhone, iPhone 15 Pro will be better."

iPhone 15 Pro demonstrates power in photography.

iPhone 15 Pro demonstrates power in photography.

Some people point out that photos taken with a camera are not comparable to those taken with a cell phone, but considering other budget factors, users may want to think twice before purchasing. That mainly depends on how often we use the camera. Furthermore, if using a camera, users also need to buy an additional moisture-proof case to protect it, and that will result in a fee.

Another commenter suggested that he also owns an iPhone 12. After bringing an iPhone 12 with a weak battery to Japan at the end of last year and borrowing a friend's camera there to record. trip photos, the final conclusion was reached: “Taking photos with a mobile phone is faster and really enough for travel photography.”

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