Google phones "boasted" before the iPhone about their noise canceling ability

In Google's latest #BestPhonesForever promotional video, viewers can also meet the "parents" of the iPhone.

#BestPhoneForever ads often depict the great friendship between iPhone and Pixel; highlights some of the cool features of Pixel phones that the iPhone doesn't have. Google's latest promotional video has similar content but introduces two new characters: iPhone parents.

Accordingly, the "father" of the iPhone was the first iPhone in 2007 to wear a tie; The iPhone's "mother" is the first iPhone but "wears" a dress.

Image cut from video.

Image cut from video.

The video begins with Pixel thanking "Mr. and Mrs. iPhone" for allowing him to stay for dinner. Mr. iPhone said that iPhone talked to him about the Pixel phone's Audio Magic Eraser feature, which "uses AI to reduce background noise in videos." Pixel quickly showed off this feature when he told his iPhone dad about how he could reduce the sound of the blender, even the sound of his lathe when recording videos.

On YouTube, Google describes: "Pixel's Audio Magic Eraser helps bring peace and quiet to iPhone family dinners. Audio Magic Eraser uses Google AI to reduce distracting sounds with just a few taps." touch, allowing you to hear the sounds you want."

Image cut from video.

Image cut from video.

The video is called "Family Dynamics" and is the 18th video in the #BestPhones Forever series that spans about 11 months. YouTube comments are quite positive as always. These videos have really attracted the public's attention.

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