What's special about the Hyundai Stargazer

 Hyundai Vietnam has just added the Stargazer X version and has a selling price

Hyundai Stargazer X is an MPV model developed on the basis of the Stargazer that was introduced in Vietnam in 2022. Hyundai Stargazer more modern equipment.

The length x width x height dimensions of Stargazer X are 4,495 x 1,815 x 1,710 mm, respectively, 35mm longer and wider than the Standard version. Ground clearance is 200 mm, 15 mm larger than the Standard version. 

Stargazer X has some differences in appearance. The new grille design has a large rectangular shape, the bumper has an X-shaped design with trapezoidal front air vents.

The wheels are 17 inches in size and are 1 inch larger than the Standard Stargazer as well as the previously introduced Stargazer version. Other notable highlights on Stargazer

New equipment of Stargazer X can include electronic handbrake and Auto Hold function. In addition, the car is equipped with Cruise Control, automatic lights, MSLA speed limiter, TPMS tire pressure sensor, reversing camera, reversing sensor...

Stargazer X is still equipped with a naturally aspirated gasoline engine, the new Smartstream G 1.5L engine, 115 horsepower and maximum torque of 144 Nm. The car drives the front wheels through the iVT gearbox developed by Hyundai. 

This version has upgraded braking system with the use of disc brakes on all 4 wheels. At the same time, the car is also equipped with a front collision sensor, making parking more convenient and safer.

Hyundai Motor's Smart Sense smart safety system is also equipped on Stargazer drive safely.

SmartSense package on Stargazer , Rear Collision Prevention Assist System (RCCA), Intelligent Automatic Lighting System (AHB), Safe Door Opening Warning System (SEW) and Driver Fatigue Warning System.

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