Mercedes-Benz EQS electric car upgraded version revealed

 Mercedes-Benz has just introduced an upgraded version of the EQS electric car.

Mercedes has launched an upgraded version of the EQS model with some details "inherited" by the super luxury sedan S-Class. The current leading electric sedan is equipped as standard with a sporty AMG Line front bumper design, the car's front grille is equipped with horizontal chrome bars reminiscent of the design of the S-Class model.

Regarding the interior, the EQS 2025 model has additional chrome-plated decorative details as well as the rear seats are padded with 5mm more foam to help people sit more comfortably. In addition to the extra padded cushions, the rear seats also have backrests that can be adjusted from 27 to 36 degrees with just a convenient button. Furthermore, the car is also equipped with a set of pillows with contrasting stitching to create highlights as well as decorative borders made of Nappa leather.

When customers want the car's rear seats to be more classy, ​​they can choose the Pinnacle version and the optional Executive Interior package. This upgrade package adds the ability for the front passenger seat to tilt forward to increase legroom for the second row. At the same time, the rear backrest can recline up to 38 degrees and the seat is also equipped with heating and pneumatic adjustment as well as an additional lighting system.

In terms of performance, the super-luxury electric sedan EQS has been equipped with a completely new battery pack with a capacity of 118 kWh, a significant increase from 108.4 kWh and the car's battery pack has now been equipped. comes with new braking software that allows for better energy recovery.

Thanks to these changes, the EQS has an increased operating range of about 82km per charge compared to the previous version. Furthermore, models equipped with 4-wheel drive have an increased towing capacity of 1,700 kg, a significant increase compared to the towing capacity of only 750kg compared to the predecessor version.

For the version sold in Europe, the car will be equipped with a new Automatic Lane Changing function as well as a new special edition. This special edition will be equipped with 21-inch AMG sports wheels as well as the Executive package. Other highlights include two-tone Nappa leather, a microfiber headliner with rose gold accents and an anthracite interior trim.

The German car company recalled the mid-sized sedan to check and replace the fuel pump assembly to avoid the car losing driving power, which could pose a potential risk of an accident. According to information from the Vietnam Register, on some Mercedes-Benz E180, E200, E200 (W213) vehicles assembled and manufactured by Mercedes-Benz Vietnam at the Ho Chi Minh City factory from June 2021 By January 2023, the fuel pump may not meet specifications.

This causes the pump to lose capacity under certain conditions and even stop working. When the pump stops working, the vehicle will lose moving power, easily posing a risk of collision if operating on the road. 

To avoid risks, users need to bring their car to Mercedes-Benz Vietnam dealers as soon as possible to have the faulty pump checked and replaced (free of charge). The recall period is from now until December 31, 2027. On average, each vehicle will need about 1.5 hours to fix the error.

Mercedes-Benz Vietnam also said that for vehicles subject to recall imported into Vietnam (in the form of moving assets, diplomatic, personal or imported by other companies), if requested, the Authorized distributors of Mercedes-Benz Vietnam will be ready to help, contact to check information and repair for free according to the recall program (if subject to recall and requested by Mercedes-Benz AG ).

E-Class is a mid-sized sedan in the product portfolio of Mercedes-Benz Vietnam. The W213 generation in the domestic market has reached the end of its life cycle, and is about to have a new version W214 (launched in foreign markets). 

This is also a car line that is being heavily discounted in recent days to clear inventory, with a reduction from 270 million VND to 320 million VND for models released in 2022.

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