iPhone No Longer Reigns as 'Best Smartphone of the Year': Who Takes the Crown?

 After 2 consecutive years of winning the title of "best smartphone of the year", the iPhone was defeated and lost this title to another competitor.

At the closing day of the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the organizers of this exhibition will announce the "best smartphone of the year" award.

Because MWC is held at the beginning of the year, the products on the nomination list will be the most prominent smartphones launched the previous year.

Pixel 8 (right) surpassed iPhone 15 Pro to win the title

Pixel 8 (right) surpassed iPhone 15 Pro to win the title of "best smartphone of the year" at MWC 2024 (Photo: TG).

The title of "best smartphone of the year" is voted by independent analysts, journalists and influential people in the technology world. The products included in the nomination list are high-end and outstanding smartphone models, sold on the market from January to December of the previous year.

Apple's two most recent iPhone versions, iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max, have continuously received the title of "best smartphone of the year" at the last two MWC periods. Therefore, many people firmly believe that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will follow in the footsteps of its "elders" to be honored as the "best smartphone of 2023".

However, the final result surprised many people.

Accordingly, Google's Pixel 8 series (including Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro) is the name honored by the MWC 2024 organizers as "the best smartphone of 2023".

According to the Global Mobile Communications Systems Association (GSMA), the organizer of MWC, Google's Pixel 8 series meets the requirements and standards to be honored as "best smartphone of the year", including performance Outstanding, innovative and creative features create trends in the market.

However, awarding the title of "best smartphone of 2023" to Google's Pixel 8 series has caused a lot of controversy, because this smartphone duo is only sold in certain markets, instead of globally. , so it is difficult to consider Pixel 8 as a smartphone model that can create a trend in the market.

The Pixel 8 and 8 Pro smartphone duo were officially launched by Google in October last year. The product is equipped with Tensor G3 chip developed by Google, accompanied by Titan M2 chip to enhance product security and support artificial intelligence features on smartphones, such as real-time translation, automatically remove noise when calling or recording video...

To win the title of "best smartphone of the year" at MWC 2024, the Pixel 8 duo surpassed a series of "blockbuster" products on the nomination list, including the iPhone 15 Pro/15 Pro Max series, the Galaxy series S23, Galaxy Z Flip5 and Oppo Find N3.

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