FPT and Nvidia Forge Alliance: Joint Venture to Establish $200 Million AI Factory

FPT Technology Group and Nvidia have just signed a cooperation agreement to turn Vietnam into an "AI powerhouse".

The comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement between the two parties aims to promote research and application of AI solutions developed by Vietnam to domestic and global customers.

According to the cooperation agreement, FPT will invest 200 million USD to build an Artificial Intelligence Factory (AI Factory), serving AI research and development in Vietnam. This factory will include supercomputer systems using Nvidia's latest H100 Tensor Core GPU graphics chip.

AI Factory will be the leading AI research and development center in Vietnam, providing researchers and businesses with the necessary resources to develop advanced AI solutions, especially Generative AI. AI), helps achieve breakthroughs in improving productivity and customer experience.

Mr. Keith Strier, Vice President of Global AI Initiative of Nvidia, visited the workplace of FPT Smart Cloud, FPT's subsidiary specializing in providing AI and Cloud Computing solutions (Photo: FPT ).

FPT and Nvidia will also cooperate in training high-quality human resources for the field of AI, and promote practical application of AI in different industries.

In particular, FPT plans to incorporate Nvidia training content into formal teaching at FPT Universities and High Schools, helping to develop high-tech human resources. The Group aims to have at least 30,000 students and pupils have access to this training program within 5 years.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Truong Gia Binh, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Founder of FPT, said: "FPT aims to improve technology research and development capacity, establish a comprehensive ecosystem of products and the most advanced services based on AI and Cloud platforms. We are committed to making Vietnam the world's AI development center."

Meanwhile, Mr. Keith Strier, Vice President of Nvidia's Global AI Initiative, said that AI technology possesses great potential in improving the quality of life and strengthening the economy for every country through promoting innovation and creativity in many fields such as healthcare, agricultural production... Mr. Strier believes that Vietnam will soon become an AI power.

"Nvidia and FPT will accompany Vietnamese businesses with the goal of accelerating digital transformation, turning Vietnam into an AI powerhouse," Mr. Keith Strier shared.

Explaining why Nvidia chose Vietnam to invest in AI development, Mr. Keith Strier said: "The number one factor leading to success is people and culture. Vietnam has people and talent. commitment, responsibility for one's own future and leadership ability.

We realize that Vietnam is ready for the future. Mr. Jensen Huang - CEO of Nvidia Group, said we should return to Vietnam and expand our business there. So we did this."

Previously, on December 9, 2023, Mr. Jensen Huang - Chairman and CEO of Nvidia - visited and worked in Vietnam. Mr. Huang highly appreciated Vietnam's potential and opportunities in the semiconductor and AI industries, especially Vietnam's human resources in this field.

"We want to turn Vietnam into a major AI innovation and production center for Nvidia," Mr. Jensen Huang affirmed during his visit in the first month of December last year.

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