The bank has slashed FLC's yacht price for the seventh time, marking a nearly 13 billion reduction from the initial asking price.

After 6 auctions but no buyers, this time the starting price of the FLC Alabatross yacht will be further reduced by 2.6 billion VND, to about 23.2 billion VND.

This is the asset mortgaged by FLC Group at the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam - BIDV Quy Nhon branch. This yacht was first auctioned in November 2022 with a starting price of nearly 36 billion VND.

Minh Phap auction company said that the unit is continuing to auction the FLC Albatross yacht for the 7th time after 6 failed auctions due to no registered participants.

The bank lowered the price of the luxury yacht to more than 23.2 billion VND, down nearly 13 billion VND compared to the first auction.

At this auction, the bank lowered the price of the luxury yacht to more than 23.2 billion VND, down nearly 3 billion VND compared to the last auction on January 19.

According to the announcement, the FLC Alabatross yacht auction will be held for the 7th time on January 29 in Ho Chi Minh City. People who want to participate in the auction need to deposit about 2.3 billion VND in advance.

Thus, after more than a year, FLC's million-dollar yacht still has no buyers and the starting price has decreased by nearly 13 billion VND compared to the first sale.

FLC's yacht, the Galeon 660 Fly series, was built in Poland in 2017. FLC Albatross has a design length of nearly 22 m, a width of more than 5 m, and a beam height of 3.15 m. The yacht has 4 bedrooms, a bar, a sunbathing area, and a party venue. The boat has a registered capacity of 12 people.

Currently, the yacht is anchored at Sa Ke wharf in Ward 13, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City managed and maintained by FLC. This vehicle was registered from November 2018.

In addition to the yacht, after former FLC Chairman Trinh Van Quyet got into legal trouble, banks recovered a number of other expensive assets of him and the business to auction to settle debts. Last year, after many unsuccessful attempts, Mr. Quyet's two super luxury Rolls-Royce cars also found a new owner after the starting price was reduced by billions of dong.

It is known that after the information was posted, many comments left comments: "Compared to cars, yachts are truly a luxury asset that is very picky about owners, because the money to buy this product is the most important." partly, there is money to operate and maintain it";

"People with 100 billion do not dare to buy this yacht, but rich people with trillion are willing to spend money to buy a new one"; "There will be buyers - they are service providers, but perhaps they have not accepted this price but are expecting a lower price"...

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