Get ahead of the AI smartphone trend with Galaxy S24 series, receive up to 5 million when pre-ordering at Mobile World

Samsung has just launched the Galaxy S24 series - AI smartphones with many pioneering technologies to provide maximum support in work and daily life, promising this will be a sought-after smartphone in early 2024. Customers pre-order at The World. Mobile World not only gets to experience the product for the first time but also immediately receives a gift of up to 5 million VND.

Galaxy S24 series possesses a quartet of powers including 100x Zoom, Snapdragon 8 Gen3 Chip, SPen and AI Power. Especially Power AI with completely new features such as multi-function Search area, Direct translation of calls, AI enhancing camera at night, and Note note application,... has attracted attention. opinion of many technology enthusiasts.

Multi-purpose Search area with Google - Simply circle to Search: You just need to circle the desired area right on the screen while surfing the net or working, Galaxy AI will provide a series of compatible results. This feature brings a new breakthrough in finding information by not only saving time and effort but also being especially useful when you want to look up things and phenomena that are difficult to describe with words.

With this new feature, you don't have to waste time entering data to look up information; instead, just circling is enough.

With this new feature, you don't have to waste time entering data to look up information; instead, just circling is enough.

AI assistant takes work productivity to the next level: Note Assistant and Voice Recording Assistant on Galaxy S24 series will convert and summarize content from handwriting or voice to text, then summarize The main idea is easy to follow; while Chat Assistant will help suggest answers or rewrite emails and messages to suit any context while still maintaining professionalism and personalization.

You can fully take advantage of the power from this phone to optimize your working time in the most effective way.

Direct call interpretation - Open new connection potential across all language barriers: The machine will automatically translate calls into many different languages in real time without the need for an internet connection. Users can easily communicate anytime, anywhere without encountering any barriers with Galaxy S24.

So, with just a smartphone, you have your own productive, versatile personal assistant anytime, anywhere to support your work and life.

Use many AI features even offline with the integrated AI chip

Galaxy S24 is a pioneering smartphone product of the AI trend, promising to change the way we use mobile devices.

Galaxy S24 series is equipped with the new generation Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor - known as the "performance monster" of high-end smartphones. This chip integrates AI into the entire system, allowing users to use most AI features anytime, anywhere without the need for internet.

Accordingly, except for "Multifunctional Search Zone" that requires an online connection to use Google, the remaining AI features can operate entirely on the device, ensuring absolute security and providing a unique experience. limited for users.

Particularly, the Galaxy S24 Ultra product was introduced by the company as a comprehensive and different hybrid AI model experience. You will experience a true AI smartphone, allowing you to feel secure when using products from Samsung Galaxy because you do not need to install any additional third-party applications, helping to minimize the risk of privacy violations. privacy, disclosure of personal or sensitive information.

Capture life's masterpieces with the legendary Zoom Camera system integrated with AI

Galaxy S24 series is equipped with a rear camera system with a main sensor of up to 200MP, supporting 100x zoom. In particular, 100x zoom technology, 5x zoom 50MP quality first launched on the Night God Eye Camera along with Powerful AI assistant will bring a perfect shooting experience to users.

Famous for its perfect zoom ability to take photos of the moon or take sharp shots of idols at big concert nights. In fact, Samsung cameras have proven their legendary zoom capabilities in many music events in Vietnam.

Continuing the resounding success of its predecessor, Galaxy S24 Ultra will become the hottest product when integrated with AI features, image and video quality will be enhanced with brighter brightness up to 60 % and up to 40% more stable. AI will measure the depth of image layers and process specialized Night Solution signals, so any of your photos or movies can become an artistic "masterpiece".

The camera system equipped with a powerful sensor is now also backed by AI for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series

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