Why is SPF important in winter too?

In the summer we often have to protect our skin from the sun, but in the winter a good SPF is also a must. Nowadays, more and more people know that applying SPF every day is important, but keeping it on year-round is easier said than done...

And we're here to explain why it's so important. Here are 6 reasons to use SPF30 facial sunscreen every day, even in the winter! harmful sunlight: Even in winter, there are “harmful” sunlight, so-called UVA rays.

These rays penetrate clouds and glass, so they still won't keep you safe indoors or on drizzly days. These rays of sunlight also penetrate deeper into the skin, thus causing more damage. Unlike UVB rays, which cause tanning, UVA rays leave no trace visible to the naked eye.

That’s why it’s easy to forget they exist, but they can contribute to premature aging! That's why it's best to use a daily dose of SPF 30 to protect your skin from the sun. This way we can temporarily delay becoming a wrinkled raisin.

Prevent and reduce wrinkles and fine wrinkles: Sunlight is the leading cause of skin aging, so applying SPF 30 sunscreen every day is certainly not a luxury when it comes to preventing wrinkles and fine lines.

But sun protection is also a must to prevent or reduce pigment spots and skin sagging. Research shows that sunscreen is essential in preventing visible skin aging. So, there's certainly nothing wrong with incorporating SPF into your daily skin care routine.

Do you want to be fully prepared? Then don't forget to apply sunscreen on your neck and hands too ;). Risks are increasing. A common misconception about sun damage is that it only occurs with prolonged exposure to the sun.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. The sun's harmful rays can reach your skin at any time. Therefore, using sunscreen is important not only when you are in the sun all day long, but also when doing a quick shopping trip, for example.

The risk of skin damage from the sun only increases during the day. Clay and glow models-spf-30. Air pollution: Apart from the sun, air pollution is also a major cause of skin damage. This causes skin oxidation processes, which accelerates skin aging.

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This is because more free radicals are formed and inflammatory factors come into play. So if you use a moisturizing sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, your skin will really appreciate it. Cleansing the skin also plays a big role.

For the best skin cleansing results, use a cleanser that contains antioxidants. Want to learn more about which factors you should use? Read the blog. Infrared and sunlight: In addition to UVA and UVB radiation, infrared rays can also age the skin.

We won't let that happen and we have to be honest and say that SPF alone is not enough. Filters in sunscreen do not provide adequate protection against infrared rays. But in this case, antioxidants are your best friend!

That's why combining it with a Vitamin C serum works wonders. Antioxidants in the serum protect against this rays, while SPF protects against UVA and UVB rays. A powerful combination!

Blu-ray While we're glad that almost everyone now knows the importance of protecting themselves from the sun, our current mission is to raise awareness about the damage blue light can do to the skin. Nowadays, we can't escape this, we stare at screens all day long.

While it's great that we're always connected, your skin sometimes isn't too happy about it. Blue light accelerates the photoaging process, which, as the name suggests, is caused by exposure to light.

If you're exposed to this blue light for an extended period of time (hello smartphone addicts ;), there's even a chance of developing deeper skin issues, such as discoloration, inflammation, or a weakened skin barrier. So you might understand why we include a blue light filter in our Face Sunscreen SPF30 in addition to a UV filter.

This way you are protected from the sun and all the screens around you during the day! Tip: Apply sunscreen regularly throughout the day. Do you wear makeup? No pressure! Our sunscreen leaves no white streak, so you can easily reapply it over your makeup ;)

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