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If you ask anyone in the beauty industry about the most popular fragrances, they'll probably mention a brand that's really taken off in recent years - Phlur. Led by OG fashion blogger Chriselle Lim, Phlur makes impactful scents that go viral on TikTok.

For example, you might have heard of "Missing Person," a fragrance that "evokes the lingering scent of your loved one's skin," according to the brand. #PerfumeTok begins when the wearer gets emotional because this blend of musk, jasmine and sandalwood reminds them of a specific person in their life.

In addition to going viral, Phlur Missing Person has become a naked, skin-specific scent (similar to Glossier You) that many people use in various forms - essential oils, travel sprays, body lotions, and body washes ( the best and the best).

In my opinion this is the least radical option). Since "Missing Persons," Phlur has released other hits like "Not Your Baby" (vanilla milk and mimosa) and "Tangerine Boy" (amber, ginger and orange).

But this new scent, called "Father Figure," is generating Missing Persons-level hype because of its story and the scent itself, with more than one person telling me they "prefer" Missing Persons. Phlur Father Figure Eau De Parfum

Let's start with the vibe of this new fragrance. If The Missing is moody and lonely, this work is bright and green. Lin wanted her father's image to represent her current role and status: a divorcee, the head of the family and a booming beauty business. There is a boss.

But this fragrance is not masculine, but commanding and intimate. When designing the scent profile, Lim collaborated with renowned perfumer Frank Voelkl, known for his work creating Le Labo Santal 33, one of the most popular fragrances on the market.

If you like Santal 33, you will also like Father Figure; if you like Santal 33, you will also like Father Figure; they are different, but the combination of suede and patchouli is similar, providing a subtle and unique of special sophistication.

According to Frank, the priest figure smells like a hidden garden. "There's a nice contrast between the vibrant green and something more skin-like," he explains. "The milky nectar of the fig complements the buttery suede quality of the iris, creating a natural and sensual effect."

I agree that the father figure smells a little sensual, almost surprisingly. Someone on TikTok said she would use it as a wedding fragrance. Refinery29 senior writer Karina Hoshikawa says this fragrance has become her "romantic date night" scent. "The overall impression is warm and vibrant," she explains.

"Since it stays on my skin all day, no single note jumps out at me as one overpowering scent, but rather blends together like a symphony. It reminds me of clean skin, despite the floral scent , but the fragrance is not overpowering." Remarks. "

Any type of "skin" can go wrong with musk. The unmistakable musk is R29's associate director of beauty, Jacqueline Kilikita's question for the viral scent's "missing person." "I know it's going viral on TikTok and making people cry - in a good way - but the floral scent is so old-fashioned for me and has a grandma's dresser smell to it," Jacqueline explains road.

Father Figure, on the other hand, "is spicy, soapy, sweet, and fresh thanks to green fig, creamy sandalwood, suede-like orris root, and soothing vanilla," Kilikita continues. "This is a scent that my boyfriend and I can both share, and it seems to last much longer than previous Phlur scents."

What strikes me about the father figure is its complexity. On my skin it's very light, green and moist - I notice notes of water lily and jasmine. But a friend who is also a loyal fan said that the father's figure smells very sweet, which may be due to the vanilla smell.

I can actually accentuate the sweet notes by layering a vanilla scent underneath - I really like Vanilla Woods by The 7 Virtues, it's lovely, not cloying, and not too expensive.

I never thought I'd like green fig perfumes so much, but this one is special. It costs less than £100, making it comparable to the £230 Santal 33.

It might not make you moody, but it will make you smell classy and cool, like someone strolling into the office wearing a chic linen vest (or waistcoat), tailored pants, and white sneakers.

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